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Add profile links to your Tree listings

The plug-in is being re-developed to be fully compatible with teh latest versions of Community builder and Mosets Tree. Look for a release shortly

Community Builder Profile Link Plug-in for Mosets Tree

So now that you have your links and reviews showing up in your Community Builder tabs (See this Article ), now let's put a link to your CB Profiles in your Mosets Tree links and reviews. I've written a Savant2 plug-in for Mosets Tree to do just that. Savant2 is the templating system that Mosets Tree uses and it allows plug-ins to be written to extend the functionality available in those templates.

So, the first thing to do is Download the plug-in .

FTP the file "Savant2_Plugin_cbprofilelink.php" to your "/components/com_mostree/Savant2/" directory.

Now there are some different codes and options that need to be used to add the profile link to your templates. I've built in the ability to specify if you want either the profile icon ( ), the users small avatar, or their name as the link by simply adding that to the code that calls the plug-in. But the code is slightly different depending on which template you are calling the plug-in from:

  • Listing Details - we'll add the users avatar to the template with the following code:
    <?php $this->plugin( 'cbprofilelink', $this->link, 'avatar') ?>
  • Listing Summary - we'll add the owners name to the template with the following code:
    <?php $this->plugin( 'cbprofilelink', $link, 'name') ?>
  • Reviews - we'll add the profile icon to the template with the following code:
    <?php $this->plugin( 'cbprofilelink', $review, 'icon') ?>

As you can see, there some slight differences in how the code needs to be used depending on which template it is used in and what kind of output you want to see.

I hope you find it useful and if you have questions, drop me an email.

Update: New version available (August 1, 2006)

This version is in response to Mosets release of their security update and addresses the fix in the same way Mosets does with their plug-ins

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