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Glossarbot Link Mod

This mambot is designed to work on Joomla 1.0.x only. I can not guarantee it will work properly in Joomla 1.5

Want to add a link to your site everytime you use a particular word? Are you building the ultimate affiliate site and want to add your links automatically? Glossary, Glossarbot, and a little mod to the rescue.

Martin Brampton, the author of Remository developed the Glossary component to handle definitions of terms used on a web site. The original Glossarbot mambot would add a javascript link to a popup info box with the terms definition. Well, a bit of code addition to the mambot and we can now add standard links to our terms.

  • Install the Glossary component and the Glossarbot-MoxieMod mambot.
  • Configure Glossary to your liking.
  • Configure the Glossarbot mambot making sure to select "Href to Homepage of term" for the "Output Mode".
  • Make sure the mambot is published.
  • Enter your terms in the Glossary component making sure to fill out the "Homepage" field. This is the link that will be added to your term.
  • Enjoy your links all over your site!

Here is the modified Glossarbot mambot for your enjoyment. Added/altered lines can be found by searching for "//MoxieMod" in the php code if you are interested.

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