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List your Tree in GSG

The plug-in was developed to work in Joomla 1.0.x. It is unlikely that it will work with the latest version of Joomla or Mosets Tree.

Updated version posted 02/06/06 - fixes an error when either a category or link does not have a created date in the database.

Mosets Tree plug-in for Google Sitemap Generator

As many of you know, getting listed in Google is imperative to your sites success. And Google's Sitemaps are a step in that direction. See this page from more information on Sitemaps. Now with the Google Sitemap Generator component for Joomla, creating sitemaps is easy. But the only problem is that it only works for the core components of Joomla. Ah but wait. The developer was genius enough to include a plug-in architecture to add 3rd party component support. So I have written a Mosets Tree plug-in to make sure your thousands of links, reviews, etc from your Tree are included in the sitemap. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you. Download the plug-in.
  • Unzip the Plug-in on your computer (You'll upload just the php file and not the zip file)
  • Log into the backend of your site
  • Go to Components/Google Sitemap Generator/3rd Party Plugins
  • Upload the plug-in using the Choose File and Install buttons
  • Publish the Plug-in
  • Generate a Sitemap as usual

Check your xml file to confirm that your Mosets Tree links are listed in your Sitemap.

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