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Wow a terrible name but a great add-on for any JomSocial based site. This add-on adds a new field type that you can use for your profiles. Basically you can create conditional select elements. Say a user chooses United States for country, why not populate a State select list with only those values appropriate for that country? Now you can! Want users to select a make and model from your car list? Easy. Data is stored in a single field for easy management.

By creating a single field in the JomSocial Custom Fields section this add-on automatically creates dual select lists with the second list auto-populated when the user selects a value from the first. Configuration is simple. Just create your options for both select fields in a simple xml style format.

Fields work everywhere standard JomSocial fields work i.e., registration, profiles, and they are fully compatible with our JomSocial Group Fields add-on as well!

Compatible with JomSocial 2.2.2 on both Joomla 1.5 and 1.6!

Log into the demo site, to see it in action in the Edit Profile page of JomSocial

Only $5.00


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