Moxie Maps Requirements

  • Joomla 1.5.x or Joomla 1.6
  • Mosets Tree 2.1.x - Mosets Tree 2.2.x
  • PHP 4.2+
  • Google API Key ( sign up for free at )
  • All Mosets Tree listings need to be geocoded using the built-in Mosets Tree "Locate in Map" function
  • Use of the included Moxie template for Mosets Tree or integration into your existing Mosets Tree template
  • Parts of Moxie Maps need to be installed manually in the Savant2 directory of Mosets Tree. You will need access to either a Joomla based file manager or FTP.

Moxie Maps utilizes the Google Maps API to both geocode the users search i.e., zip/postcode and or city/state so that the distance to each listing can be calculated and for driving directions. While Google covers over 200 countries with most features, not every country offers full coverage or capabilities. Please verify at this link that your target country is fully compatible paying specific attention to the Map Tiles, Geocoding, and Driving Directions columns:

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